Sixth Mental Health Fair 2019

This year, the 6th Mental Health Fair entitled "In a healthy spirit, a healthy body" was held this year. This year, in addition to the Psychological Counseling Center, students of the Student Parliament of Bijeljina University participated in the organization. The fair was held on 29.03.2019 starting at 12 o'clock and lasted till 16 o'clock in the premises of the University of Bijeljina.

The aim of the fair was to pay attention to the importance of mental health that affects all aspects of individual and population life. As the WHO says "No health without mental health".

The promotion of mental health is significant, and therefore participants from various spheres of society, such as sports, art, health, culture, science, etc., gathered to show their activities how mental health can be improved and improved. The fair provided an opportunity for free testing in the field of vocational guidance for students of the final grades of primary and secondary schools.

The fair was an opportunity for participants and visitors alike to share experiences, showcase their work and ultimately have fun and get to know one of the many preconditions that affect mental health. We express our sincere gratitude to all the participants of this year's fair, who made it special by their presence.

We would also like to thank all the over 300 visitors and everyone who contributed to organizing and hosting another such event. Special thanks also go to Bijeljina University, who supported us in our vision to pay attention to mental health because it also affects the general and, therefore, is important for the quality, healthy and successful life of each individual.


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