Psychotherapy is an interactive and structuralized process. Its goal is a gradual, targeted change of individuals – solving their problems, psychological problems, ie. personality development. It is a process that a client and a specially trained expert psychotherapist work on, where both the therapist and the person in therapy are dedicated for a certain time to a particular topic or problem that bothers the patient.

The role of the therapist is to support the patients, help them understand the background of the problem and work it out, point out other aspects, paths and opportunities that couldn't be seen before, but also enable patients to get to know themselves better, learn something about themselves, discover and overcome what is restraining, changing and growing to its full potential


Goals of the psychotherapy

The goals of psychotherapy can be different, from support in overcoming current problems in the field of psychic life (e.g. increase in motivation, stress management), through treatment of more serious psychiatric problems (e.g. phobias, depression, panic attacks, insomnia ...) up to personal growth and development, discovering new potentials and insights about oneself and others, as well as accepting oneself as a unique human being, possessing different abilities and choices. Psychotherapy can help us even when we are not quite sure what is going on with us, but we are aware of the fact that we are not happy with our life, or relationships with others, when we realize that something is not as it should be, or we would like it to be.

That is why psychotherapy can be an opportunity to start looking at our problems in a different way, as a challenge, an opportunity for learning, growth, development, but also for improving our own potentials. It will allow us to lead a happier and more fulfilling life.