Psychodrama is an action form of psychotherapy in which an individual's life situations are played out in a so-called "scene", in group or individual work. The psychodrama therapeutic process is based on the spontaneity of the "here and now" and aims at enabling the person to expand the repertoire of roles, to realize himself better in the existing ones, to reject some of the roles and accept new ones. Psychodrama enables a person to perform or complete what he or she could not, did not know or may not have done in the life, thus revealing his own limitations and learning how to express thoughts and feelings through his behavior freely.

In psychodrama there is neither the concept of health (normality) nor pathology, which enables it to be widely used in dealing with different populations and various types of problems, such as problems in interpersonal relationships: family, partnership, relationships between friends; learning problems, problems related to lack of confidence, unacceptability, unfitting, inhibition, anxiety, depression, phobias ...

The plan is to form more experiential therapy groups for psychodrama, that will be led by Jelena Jovanović, a psychodrama therapist in supervision. Within the groups, young people will have the opportunity to work on their problems, with the possibility of holding more creative psychodrama workshops, with different topics in the field of primary prevention, current problems, professional orientation. Depending on the interest, it is possible to form an educational group for psychodrama.