Advisory sector


    a) Direct counselling:


  • Individual experiential therapy work- a place where young people have the opportunity to schedule an individual encounter with a psychotherapist, discuss their current problems and receive adequate advice, support and encouragement for further strengthening of their internal capacities.


  • Group experiential therapy work (for university students and high school students) - within which will be formed experiential therapy groups for psychodrama (an action form of an individual and group psychotherapy in which the life of individual  situations are played out on the so-called "scene" with the help of other group members).

Within the group, young people will have the opportunity to continuously work on their problems for a while, in a safe environment, in order to try different behaviours and to explore their inner world.


    b) SOS - telephone service

Within this service, which is available every weekday, young people have the opportunity to talk anonymously about the current issues. Through an open telephone line, with educated people that are trained to work with young people (psychologists, students of final years of psychology), they can also schedule an appointment with a psychotherapist, as well as get information about the activities and services offered by the counselling centre. They may also make suggestions for further work.


    c) Internet counselling

The Internet, as the most popular mean of communication among young people, brings counselling services closer to potential users. It gives them an easy access in a way that is particularly close to young people nowadays.

It is enough to send an e-mail at any time, without personal contact, and receive a reply as soon as possible (up to 72 hours). Also, if it is necessary, it is possible to schedule an individual meeting with a psychotherapist.

The emails will be answered by therapists and educated counselling psychologists.